Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Paint or not to paint?

While many of you lovely ladies have braved painting your own furniture, I'm not so brave...yeap I'm a chicken I admit it...the dining room table you see below was a gift ;-) since Receiving her I have been debating about giving her a face lift with white paint! she has a couple of scratches and water stains and a small chip, all in all she is in great shape...speaking of shape I love her french curves.

At first I thought about doing the work myself and just paint her, but I'm to scare to dive in :-( .....so she will be going in for her face lift ;-) I have chosen a white paint with an antiquing glaze and gold highlights......the four french chair you see in the pic, I'm not sure about yet and if I do decide to paint them I could do that myself as I have painted chairs in the past and had great results.....any who friends she will be at the furniture doctor getting her well deserved face lift as of next week and will be there for three weeks! Wow that's a long time :-( but as long as she comes out beautiful I won't mind ;-)

These deep scratches are on one end of my dining room table :-( they are so ugly! I just can't stand to look at them any longer, due to these scratches I have decided to have her repaired professionally ;-)

I'm really excited to see how she will turn out! Keep your toes cross my friends! Till next time ;-)


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Speak no Evil!

Sorry for the dark and blurry pic, but I wanted to introduce my sweet little Bella, she has been with me since she was three months old, the breeder that had her could no sell her :-( no body wanted her....so she ask me if I wanted her and I said yessssss......

She did not come to me this pretty she had red yeast all over her eyes and face! But with some love and care she really turned out to be a beauty....
On the day her breeder delivered her to me she looked so sad and my dear mom said oh my what have you gotten yourself into now...I looked at my mommy and said you just wait and see she will be a beauty and for me she is a beauty....the moment her breeder put her on the floor and I sat down beside her so she can get a feel for me she jumped into my lap and licked my face as to say please keep me and love me for me, see me for my true beauty....and that was it....lol.....it was forever love for the both of us, she and my Mia are attached I'm blessed with the two of my girlies my Mia mama and my Baby Bella ;-)
Bella says speak no evil in this pic...lol....

Wishing you all a great week~

Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Myself and my beautiful Mia wish you a very special and Happy Mothers Day! I will be spending my Mothers Day with my beautiful and sweet Mommy as I lovingly call her, I am truly blessed to still have her with me and for that I thank the good Lord.