Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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Some Christmas pretties!!!

Such a beautiful pink ornament!!!! love all the details.....

Small tree in urn that I created :)

I purchased the small tree for just $!!! big spender I am... ;)

I have had this topiary tree for a few years, this year I added a small string of lights and dress her up in pink :)
Yummy pink flowers and beaded fruits ;)

Welcome bloggerettes, today I wanted to share some of my Christmas pretties!!!
Some I purchased and some I made!!
The pretty ornament I purchased and I just love all the pretty details, I have another one that is soon to arrive, I will share that beauty hopefully soon!
The First tree I purchased for a whopping $5.99 can't beat that :) I added a small string of clear lights for only $3.99 and dressed her all up, I had all the other items in my stash in the attic, I love to place my tree's inside an urn, I feel it gives it such a romantic and elegant look? so for literally 10 bucks I made this beauty for my living room window :)

Next is my topiary tree, I have had this pretty for a few years, this year I decided to add a small string of clear lights again for $3.99, from my personal stash in my attic I dressed her all up in pinks :) this beauty sits in my bow window, its so great when we could reuse items that we have, and for very little money or none transform them into new beauties to enjoy for years to come :)
Look at what you have and think, what you can add to change them up for a new look, recycle if you can :)

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New year!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Small Pink Christmas Tree

I had an ugly green urn sprayed painted it white and whaaalaaa its a pretty swan now!!!
I placed my 4 foot tree inside and I just love the way it all goes together!!!!
Pretty white glittery icicles!!!
Pink and white Christmas balls!
Pretty pink bow I made for her crowing glory :) its pink with white sparkly dots and for added glam I added a white glitter mesh the way it turned out!
Pretty high heel ornaments, we ladies love our shoes :)

White glittery ponsettias, white and pink Christmas balls.......

Hi bloggy pals! as promised my small pink Christmas tree, this beauty sits in my dinning room ;0) Last year the hubby surprised me with this pretty little what a keeper I!! said when he spotted it, he just knew he had to drag it home for me, said it had my name all over it......
This year, I wanted my 4 foot pink tree inside an urn, I remembered that I had an ugly green metal urn, so with some rustoleum white spray paint that I had left over from another project. I gave her a much needed make over.....
Now she is ready for my pink tree!!

I Made the beautiful bow for her crowning glory, I really do love the way it turned out, love the sparkle and glam it adds to my tree! what do you think pretty ha??? I added the white glitter mesh to give it that extra sparkle, I was looking for, I purchase it @ Micheals on sale for 40% off!!!! wow got to love those sales!

I also added some pink roses white glittered snow flakes and icicles.....
Well bloggerettes I hope you likey my pink Tree :)
I love this time of year, as we celebrate the birth of Christ!
I never want to lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas....its time for Family and friends, but also to help the sick and poor the needy and the elderly!
I try to help my parish as much as I can.....please do something kind for someone!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh Christmas tree!!!

My pink decorated tree :)
Yummy pink glitter poinsettia!!!
I love ballerinas I have three that twirl on my tree :)
Pretty pink dressed angels :)
Iced sparkles in pink of course :)
And what a Christmas tree with out a couple of Santa!!!
More yummy pink glittered flowers!!!
Lots of pink eye candy :)

Lots of pretties!!!

My sweet Santa, I added the pretty flowers to his hat and musical instrument!!!
Also added the pretty beaded applique fringe to his shoulders :)
I won this gorgeous pillow on ebay, I love the pink velvet ruffles!!!

Hello Bloggerettes! Thanks for stopping by, I have been soooo busy, well with Christmas just around the corner.....ekkkkk!!! I just wanted to share some pic's on what I have been up to!!! Rebecca my dear I hope you likey my post...... hope you enjoy my eye candy, I have more pic's to share, but that will have to wait for another time, for now I wanted to share my pink decorated tree!! I have been collecting pink decorations for a while now, every year I add just a little more, I'm afraid Im running out of room on my tree to hang
I won the pretty St.Nick pillow on ebay, I love the pink velvet ruffle on her and the image with the roses framing old St.Nick is just so pretty!
The Santa I have had for a couple of years, but this year I decided to add the flowers on his hat and instrument, added some pretty beaded sequin applique and walaaa....he is dressed to impress....I so love the way he turned out and I hope you do to......
Another reason I have been dragging my feet and not blogging, I was worried over my little Mia, she had to have her big girl operation this past week and well with the bad luck I have had with my fur babies, I was scared to say the lest!!!
She did great and is home resting and getting so spoiled and pampered :) she also had to have some baby teeth removed that never feel off on their own, so I was kinda upset over it all!!! but happy to report that she is home resting and getting better :)
I hope your having fun getting ready for the holidays!!!

Till next time stay tuned!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Pretty Deer I have decorated :) she is sitting pretty beside my fireplace....
Loving the pink glittery bow and flower.....yummy.........
I love the gold glittery mesh bow.......

Hi Bloggy gal pals~
Just a quick little post to wish all my wonderful followers a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!!
I am so thankful for each and everyone of you :)
Also I wanted to share this beauty, I have been working on, she was so much fun to create, I purchased everything at Micheals craft store.....the best part everything was on sale, don't you just love when you find items you just love, then as an added bonus its on sale.....
I have been working on my soft pink 4 feet Christmas tree, and I will also share that with you at a later time my friends.......
So Have you been decorating and getting ready for the holiday season? Can't wait to see all the beautiful homes decked out......

Blessing to all...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Dreaming of a pink Christmas!!

Beautiful Pink Santa, I purchased from the sweet and talented Celeate @ Celestina Marie Designs, you can find her link on my side bar :)
He has such beautiful details!!!
Just look at his cute rosy chubby cheeks!!! sooooo sweet :)
Love the beautiful soft fluffy roses Celeste hand painted......
Cute welcome sign on a snowman, I purchase from another Talented lady Rebecca @ a gathering place, you can click on her link on my side bar to check out her beautiful items!!
Sweet rose bud on his top hat....sweeetttt.....
How cute is he....haha!!!

Hello Bloggerettes, I am dreaming of a pink Christmas again.....
I wanted to share some recent purchases, from two very talented ladies!!
The first is a very beautiful Pink Santa, I purchased from the very sweet and talented Celeste @ Celestina Marie designs. Please feel free to click on her link on my side bar :)
I just adore her work, the love she puts into all of her items shows in all the attention to detail she adds :)

Next is also another beautiful and talented lady, Rebecca @ a gathering place! You can also click on her link on my side bar :)
I fell in love with her sweet snowman and just had to have one of my own, I was sooo happy when I contacted her to see if she had another one for me as the one she had on he site sold, when she told me she did, I was soooo over the moon happy....

These two very sweet and talented ladies are a pleasure to do business with....
If you have not visit these wonderful ladies yet, please feel free to click on their links on my side bar and be whisked away.....


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Words can never express!!!

Ding Dong!! ohhh my whats this? that was just delivered by my mailman???
OHHH wow how beautifully wrapped!
And a sweet note, that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes.....
A beautiful pink ribbon bow and pearls.....
Look at the gorgeous paper!!
Finally getting to the
AWWWW beautiful Mikasa bone china plates from my sweet bloggy friend Anita :)

Welcome bloggy gal pals, I was in my kitchen enjoying my morning cup of coffee, when I heard the door bell (ding dong) went to the front door to find my mailman with a box for me, I snatched the box, and ran right back to my kitchen to open it up...heehee... saw the beautiful package in side, ran for my camera, cause I just knew I would have to share this special gift, from the beautiful and talented Anita from Far above Rubies, please pay her a visit if you have not, her blog is just gorgeous like the lady herself...
As I proceeded to open my gift, I unwrapped these beautiful plates by Mikasa!! wow how very special and thoughtful was this, words can never express how very blessed I felt to know such a kind and giving lady, thank you Anita for this magnificent gift, I will treasure them always :) May our good Lord continue to bless you, as you bless me :)
You do meet the most wonderful ladies on blogland, I am so blessed to have the pleasure of not only meeting them through this beautiful place called blogland but also doing business with so many of you :)
Have a blessed day!!!