Friday, September 25, 2015

Falling for Fall.

This is a sweet pumpkin I hand painted myself, after dreaming of owning a Mckenzie Child pumpkin but just could not and would not spend 90 bucks on one, I decided to just go ahead a give it a try, I mean really how hard could it be I told myself....I recycled the pumpkin that use to be pink! With paint I already had on hand, so for zero dollars this is what I came up with....

I'm really loving the way it turned out so much so I painted a second one :-)

This beauty is sitting pretty on my mantle, I just place her on one of my urns added some beaded garland and ta da done.....simple and elegant....

This sweet squirrel are a gift form my very dear friend she gifted them to me last fall! I have two of them and I just adore them, sooooo sweet looking love the faux tails on them...toooooo cute.....well I thank you for stopping by.....wishing you all a Happy Fall.