Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Introducing Mia!!

Sweet Lil' Mia showing off her new bow that grandma brought for her!!!
she is sooo spoiled :) just the way I love her....ha!!
Mia getting a well deserved treat from daddy, after mommy tormented her with her bath....ta heehee!!

Hello Bloggerettes, for those of you who follow my blog know how much, I have suffered after the lost of my dear Pebbles then Bella! I still have my good days and bad, but it gets a little less painful as time goes by, but I will never ever forget the two loves of my life :) I just know they pick Mia for me, you see Mia has Pebbles sweetness and Bella's personality which is funny and full of sweet puppy fun she is helping me heal!!! just like Pebbles and Bella would want for me :)
I hope you like her as much as I love her already :)

Mia hates to take her bath just like my beloved Pebbles did...lol
and she loves getting her hair blow dried just like my Pebbles did....funny huh???
And just like my dear Bella she is sooo poop after her bath that she shuts down and passes out for a couple of hours.....heehee!!! she is just soooo funny, thats my pet name for her funny girl :)

Well my dear friends there you have her my Mia Monster as I lovingly like to call her!!!
Till next time God Bless :)


Julie Marie said...

Oooh Mari, Mia is just precious!... I love you sweet baby puppy!... I just know she was sent to you by your sweet Pebbles and Bella to help you heal... she is not a replacement for them, she is a new little spirit all her own and will love you so much as you do her... puppy kisses little girl!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

Brenda ~ Shabby Cats and Roses said...

Mia is just the cutest little thing!! Yes, she was definitely sent to you by your 2 sweet babies ♥♥ Much love to you both sweet friend!!!!

Warmest hugs, Brenda

Cherie said...

I have three dogs whom I love dearly. One of those dogs...Lula Belle is my best friend. She licks me when I cry. She plays with me when I dont want to move. She even taught me how to sit in the sun every day for a few minutes to stay happy and healthy. I would be so so sad if the Lord took her sooner than later. I am still sorry for your loss and I am enjoying your posts on healing.

FinsFan said...

ahwww.......Mia is so sweet! Bella & Pebbles would DEFINITELY approve! God bless yall with a happy week! oxox

Suzann said...

She is so adorable!!!! Pebbles and Bella sent her to you cause they knew you were sad
Give her some hugs from me, she is so sweet!!

Suzann ~xoxo~

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...


Mia is so precious and I am so happy for you!! She is a sweetie!!
She will help you heal and you can give all the love you had for your other 2 fur babies to her. That is what they would have wanted!!


Carolyn said...

Little Mia couldn't help but bring a smile-she is so adorable!

Thank you,Mari for your prayers for Lucas-it means a lot to know people will pray for him.

Take care,

Victorian1885 said...

Mia is so adorable! Have a great time with your little sweetie!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Hi Mari, I'm so glad that your back, and happy that you have Mia with you now to help you heal. Mai is so adorable!!!
hugs~~~ Daphne

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh, goodness, yes I remember oh that was so tragic and sad! Of course you still miss them! That is the cutest puppy in the whole world, I would just squish her she is so cute!


Peggy said...

Oh, Mia is adorable and I know she already loves you to pieces. They know when someone loves them. I'm so happy you found another lil doggy to love.

Olivia said...

OH my heavens sugar sweet friend! I am soooo happy you are feeling better and that you have a new little cutie pie to love...we have missed you! I just caught up on your old posts and those pumpkins are just darling!!!! Oh and I have a pink swifter too! Love it! Have a beautiful and blessed week!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable!! I'm so happy you found her.


rosarod said...

Hello Mary, how good this little baby, you are receiving all your love and affection. It looks beautiful with its link to 'grandmother brought her to her', but the losses of your other adorable puppy is present, true as mine slowly will help you give all that love! Greetings, Rose Marie

Rebecca said...

Oh sweets...tearing up over your new, amazing furry-ball friend.

God is so good to us. He knows all our sufferings and surely he sent this beautiful animal to help your heart both heal and GROW! Always room for one more!

Love to you~


Denise@alloverroses said...

Good Morning my sweet friend!

Oh I am so excited to see your precious Mia! I think she is just what you needed. They really warm your heart don't they? She is one lucky little girl to have such a sweet mommy! Have a beautiful day!

Love & Hugs,
Denise & Sophie

stefanie said...

sooooooo sweeeeetttt!!!!

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

I am delighted to see Miss Mia Monster has made her official debut!! She has grown ~ just a little bit ;-)
She is such a blessing and will live a wonderful life with her loving furMommy. Pebbles and Bella guided you to a real sweetie.
Give a big (gentle) hug and lots of poochie smootches to her from her long distance auntie!

Becky~ said...

Oh Mari,I feel so bad I didnt even know.So sad for you.I came today to thank you for visiting and read this.Mia is adorable and a cute name for sure its a greek name.I hope you keep thinking of the nice memories the other two have left you with, and that will put your more at peace.Blessings and hugs

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Oh Mari, she is just adorable! I'm so glad you have her to help you heal. Enjoy her!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Mari Sweetie...
Oh my gosh is this sweet little girl not absolutely precious. All her little licks and puppy dog tail wags. I Love her little eyes. I can tell she is not a bit spoiled.

I know that sweet Bella and Miss Pebbles picked her out especially for you sweet friend. She is just precious.

Thank you for sharing her with me today. I so enjoyed my visit, and am so happy to be back to blogging once again.

Many hugs and much love sweet friend, Sherry

Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hi Dear Mari,
I can't being to tell you how over the moon happy I am for you! Mia is just too adorable!
You just know that your darling Pebbles and Bella got together in doggy heaven and made sure that Miss Mia would come to live with you!
Spoiled is just another word for love!
Warm fuzzy hugs!

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi My Sweet Friend,
Oh your little Mia is a darling. What a cutie pie she is. I know your 2 little loves sent her to you and so happy that you can find joy in their gift back to you. God is so good to give what our hearts need.
I could not be happier for you and your dear little Mia. She is very blessed to be with you. You gave her a wonderful home.
I showed Miss Beazy Mia's pic and she looked at the computer screen and wagged her tail. She watches TV and see's my laptop screen too when she sits next to me. It is amazing to watch her view her favorite shows and something I show her on the computer.

Thank you for stopping by. The spoons are arriving to the shoppe Nov. 4th but one Santa will be there next week. I will have more Santa's too.
Love to you,
Celestina Marie

Marlene said...

Oh Mari, I'm so happy for you and that you found dear Mia. She is so cute, what a blessing.

BrushedByAnAngel said...

Wow - what a cutie!! Is she a maltese? I know she is going to just fill your heart with joy. So happy for you,

Roselle said...

Mia is an angel. She is too sweet. You are both lucky to have each other. I hope she helps you heal. Her dual personality of your beloved lost pets is the Lord's way of keeping them forever with you.
Bless you and your little furry friend!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oooh, congratulations on your new family member! Mia is a doll! So happy for you both!
Hugs, Cindy