Saturday, August 4, 2012

New old chairs...

Love the original paint and the details are just soooooo beautiful......

I love the green stripe silk fabric ;)

Hello my fair lady friends,
I wanted to show off my new old chairs, while I was away in Florida on vacation in mid July I went to a couple of really nice antique stores, at one store I found these pair of beauties! I just could not resist them and as luck would have it! they were on sale....gotta love that ;) so in the family van they
As happy as I was with my chairs, I had to run all the way back home as my dear sweet loving hubby got really sick, he is suffering from kidney stones :( needless to say we spend most of our vacation in and out the hospital....
Thank the good loving lord, he is starting to feel his sweet loving self ;)
Hopefully next year will be a better vacation for us! Have a great weekend...
Thanks for dropping by, I so love when you come for a visit :)


Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

O dear! I adore your chairs but I am so sorry to hear that your husband became ill while on vacation. Kidney stones are very painful! I pray he is on the road to recovery now..


Susan said...

Bless your hubby's heart! Kidney stones are not fun!
I love your chairs!! So curvy and feminine. I love the green silk fabric!

paper roses said...

Beautirul chairs! And good healthhess for your hubby!

Regards Janny

Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Oh Mari I couldn't have resisted those chairs either! And better yet they were on sale! I love the pillow too.
I'm glad to hear that your sweet hubby is recovering from the kidney stones. I have a friend who gets them and she said they are the most painful thing ever. I hope they all pass soon and that he never gets them again!!
Take good care my sweet budster!
Hugs and Smiles,
Lynn and bratty Brandi

Holly Loves Art said...

Gorgeous chairs! What a wonderful find. Happy to hear hubby is recovering well. Have a lovely day.

Julie Marie said...

Hello dear Mari... your new chairs are just stunning!... how lucky you are to have found them... I am so sorry to hear about your hubby and kidney stones... as you know, I had surgery the last TWO summers for those, and it is a terribly painful thing... I do hope he is better now... I was also sorry to hear about your losses in your family... I too have been away a bit as we lost two family members recently as well... but, like you, I want to be strong and keep going... looking forward to more of your beautiful posts... much love my friend, xoxo Julie Marie

Ineke van den Akker said...


Vicki said...

Hi, Mari,
Those chairs are so pretty! I love that style. I am glad you got them on sale, too. I am so sorry about your husband's illness. I am glad he is feeling better. I have heard how painful kidney stones can be. I am also sorry to hear about your dear uncle's passing. He will surely be missed by your family, but no more pain and suffering thankfully. I hope you have a fantastic Saturday, my sweet friend~ Vicki

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Mari,
Your chairs are gorgeous. I am so happy your found them and brought them home to your beautiful room. So sorry your hubby was sick with kidney stones. I know it is very painful. Glad he is getting better now.
Thank you for stopping by while I was on vacation too. It is always so nice to see you. Hope you have a great rest of the week and wonderful weekend.
Prayers for your hubby's recovery.

Love your new chairs.
XO Celestina Marie